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You could say the front door to your business is now your website.

Your website is the first interaction with someone who wants to know more about you. Its the first conversation, and lots of people will make a decision about you within the first 3 seconds.

Build your website to show good hospitality to your customers. Make it easy to navigate, comfortable and refreshing to engage with, and digest.

Whats Involved?

As we work together on a project you can expect a steady rhythm of back and fourth.
After we get going, projects usually take on three stages.


Introductions to the project

We talk about what you're trying to get done. The main goal here is to start on a great foundation* so there's less miscommunication down the road.

Stage 1

Concept Design

After I have an idea of what you're after, I go away and develop three concepts for you to choose from. We work out what parts you like and dont like about all three, and we go forward with one visual direction.

Stage 2

Design & Build

Your design is applied to the remaining pages in the project.

Stage 3

Feedback & Input

Your feedback and comments are invited and we go through the process of approving text, images and layout.

Moving Forward

Updates & Management

Depending on your goals, and how much you want to be involved, you'll be setup, launched and increasing sales. You'll receive training if desired.

what are my options?

While I'll always be available for edits to the site, you may have the knowledge and desire to take on the updates and management of the site. In this case we work towards this from the beginning in choosing the tools for the job, as well as getting you full control on the site.

Do you have any questions?

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Wordpress Website Development

With close to half the worlds websites using Wordpress to manage their content, Wordpress is the worlds largest free website building tool.

Although the platform is free, Wordpress websites need a few things to get started:

  • a place to store your files online, this is called a host.
  • a type of software to understand the Wordpress files, this is called a server
  • a theme to change the appearance of the site
  • a variety of plugins used for a lot of things, from protecting your site against security risks, to building an ecommerce store, there are literally millions of plugins available.


Who would use this service?

I would compare this to the experience of using a PC over a mac computer – there's a wider range of features and more control, but you can easily get lost if its more than you need.

The benefits using Wordpress include:

  • increased level of control,
  • and large degree of support due to wide large number of users.
What do you need to get started on a website?

Its a good idea to pull a few things together before you start a website.

  • Your goals, what are you trying to achieve?
  • What your users will want to know when nthey visit thew webwsite?

What is your impression of websites from small business websites in Regional Australia?

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Previous Work

St Johns on Geddes

aims to communicate with community.

Target Audience: community members and church attendees.

Site Speed at Completion: 2.5 seconds

Customer Comment: We love the site Meg did for us — its BENEFIT, BENEFIT, and updates are easy. — Josh at St Johns on Geddes. waiting for Josh to reply

Amy Philp Photography

aims to increase photoshoot bookings and showcase portfolio and awards.

Target Audience: families and community members.

Site Speed at Completion: 3 seconds

Customer Comment: We love the site Meg did for us — its BENEFIT, BENEFIT, and updates are easy. — Amy Philp, photographer waiting for Amy to reply

Ortem Cafe Toowoomba

aims to communicate with people interested in cofee and food.

Target Audience: locals looking for good coffee and good food.

Site Speed at Completion: 3.4 secs

Customer comment: We love the site Meg did for us — its BENEFIT, BENEFIT, and updates are easy. — Isabella, Owner/Manager waiting for Bella to reply


Logo for Bizclean mats & Hygiene Services Logo for Movement Australia Logo for The Project Church Logo for Warialda Anglican Church Logo for Amy Philp Photography Logo for St Johns on Geddes Logo for Ortem Cafe Toowoomba Logo for Jaha Tiles Logo for Anti Slip It Logo for Sweetwood Silks Toowoomba

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