Roklie Jae Photography

Website Status

Trying to Achieve:

    Owner Goals

  1. Portfolio of family journeys
  2. bookings
  3. increase product sales
  4. encourage people to connect on facebook for reoccuring contat

    Visitor Goals

  1. price info straight up
  2. research & decision making
  3. value for money
  4. NB: 3 out of 4 clients return.

    Visitor Questions

  1. what to expect guide
  2. what is a XYZ shoot?
  3. do you use photoshop? why?
  4. Do you use create videos?
  5. How long does it take?

    Emotions to Evoke

  • fun + easy
  • sentimental
  • a sense of luxury
  • special but worth it
  • to fall in love with the photos and want it themselves
  • fleeting/limited opportunity, time robbed as they grow